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    I read on here that after the 3rd debate, people are even more confused with who to vote for this year. I don’t think this election is a matter of “who would be the better president”. Its a bit closer to a feeling of being hungary, and choosing between an apple and an orange. Its all about which craving do I feel needs to be addressed?

    I’m going to get blasted for this… but at this point, this is how I see things… Should Obama get elected, he will do whatever the american people ask for. Note, what they specifically ask for, regardless if this is good for the nation or not. This is both good and bad.

    On the other hand, Romney will make calculated decisions to specifically fix the economy, even if the american people don’t like the decisions made. These decisions however, WILL fix the economy. I have complete faith he can fix the economy, he’s done it multiple times before with other businesses.

    Obama does what is asked of him. Romney does “the greater good”. Prove me wrong?