• Trump is a very smart guy but knows his debating skills among seasoned politicians is lacking. Where Trump is strong is his over all knowledge of the business in general and lets be honest, America is one big corporation. I do believe that Trump needs to mindful of his last Iowa encounter and dont take any of the candidates for granted cause it…[Read more]

  • No matter who the winner will be for this Caucus, the fact remains that Hillary Clinton cannot and will not be the nominee for the Democratic party. Essentially giving a landslide victory to the GOP.

    How in the […]

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    With Michael Bloomberg threatening to come into the race, one has to ask what is this mans true agenda. Surely Mr Bloomberg is a highly intelligent man who know he cannot be the next president. I don’t believe he is getting in the race thinking he can actually win since people outside the tristate area don’t even really no who he is. Just because…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure how the current administration aka liberal bias can confuse that a terrorist attack should prompt the discussion of gun control. In fact, the increase in gun use and ownership will have individuals […]

    • There are two facts we should remember when we consider the 2nd Amendment: 1. Honduras has banned guns and has the highest amount of gun related crime in the world
      2. Switzerland requires gun ownership of their citizens and has the lowest amount of gun related crimes in the world.

      Need we say more?

    • It sounds like common sense to me! The extremists and criminals aren’t the ones going through the proper channels to obtain weapons anyway. They will use whatever they can find to build their own weapons. The problem isn’t a gun control issue, its an immigration and mental health control issue!

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