• There has been a lot of debate surrounding former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. There are those who say that what Snowden did when leaking information about the NSA makes him a patriot and there are those who say […]

  • The NSA is massively overstepping its bounds in the name of “National Security”. While I understand that it is imperative that we protect Americans, there has to be a better way. What is the point of our men and women fighting for freedom overseas if we, as Americans, are not even free in our own country?

  • Oh, I know that many illegal immigrants are from Europe, Africa and Asia – and that quite a few actually come here legally then become illegal due to our process.

    Right now though the biggest problem in immigration is with our border with Mexico and the surge of unaccompanied children (who ARE from Latin America).

  • The United States is stuck in a precarious position thanks to the failure of politicians in Washington. The border between the United States and Mexico, long known as the very symbol for why the nation needs immigration reform, is under siege. Thousands of immigrants are crossing the border between the United States and Mexico each day. They come from all across Latin America, in the hopes of finding a better life in the U.S.

    While each day immigrants cross enter the United States in a lawful and legal manner, many, many more cross the southern border illegally. And now, the problem has developed from adults crossing the border to unaccompanied children crossing into Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California. Unlike adults, we simply cannot send them back from whence they came. Their parents have essentially left their children on our door step, rung the doorbell and ran away, hoping, knowing that we will care for them. What other choice do we have right now?

    While some may advocate sending the kids back across the border for Mexico to deal with, that is not the humanitarian thing to do. For better or worse, these children who have nobody else to turn to for help are our responsibility. The key now is to figure out a solution so that in a year the immigration problem has not become exponentially worse.

    Some citizens are upset that government aid is going to these immigrant children while American children are starving and homeless too. Honestly, they have every right to be upset but what other choice is there really? Perhaps the outcry from the downtrodden in our society will serve as a wake-up call that the conditions some Americans live in are truthfully not that much better than those that these immigrants are trying to escape. So, what can be done to keep this issue from escalating even further?

    First, we need to secure the border. Without finally closing the holes in our incredibly porous border with Mexico any other steps of immigration reform will be essentially be moot.
    The children who are here need to be cared for. With our current social service system already overburdened I’m not sure it makes sense to place these children there. We should reach out to existing non-profit and for-profit groups to see if they can handle the extra workload these immigrant children will require.
    The pathway to citizenship needs to be reformed. Far too often legal immigrants fall through the cracks and become illegal through very little fault of their own.
    Increase fines on those businesses employing illegal immigrants. If there are fewer opportunities for those who come here illegally to profit (either for themselves or their families) then illegal immigration should start to trend downward.
    Reevaluate and possible increase aid to Latin American countries. If the lives of those living in the southern part of North America are better they will be less inclined to seek a life within the United States.

    Obviously these points are over simplified and each one could merit numerous sub-bullets but it woudl certainly serve as a nice starting point for Congress. Our Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill need to understand that immigration reform is of the highest priority to this nation’s future. Not only is our immigration policy a security risk but it is also an economic risk too. The more illegal immigrants we have in this nation, the greater the drain on our tax base with very little returned to it.

    Immigration reform is a necessity, not some political punching bag. Don’t you think it’s time Democrats and Republicans start working together on this for the betterment of our entire nation? While the Senate passed a reform bill, it is stalled in the House. Don’t you think that needs to change? Shouldn’t President Obama get a bill he can sign versus enacting some half-measure of an executive order?

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    • i think you make some legit points, as long as you realize that not all illegal immigrants are south americans. there are many white illegal immigrants as well, mostly from eastern european countries. i think those who pay taxes and work hard should be able to get citizenship, its more the ones who mooch off the system that are a problem. be careful not to oversimplify the problem and label all illegal immigrants as south americans.

      • Oh, I know that many illegal immigrants are from Europe, Africa and Asia – and that quite a few actually come here legally then become illegal due to our process.

        Right now though the biggest problem in immigration is with our border with Mexico and the surge of unaccompanied children (who ARE from Latin America).

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  • I think congressional candidates should refrain from overly pushing the “family values” look in campaigns. It seems Washington has a way of changing people, or at least exposing them.

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    It is not just Harry Reid though – several MOCs act this way. I don’t understand how they are constantly re-elected to represent AMERICANS

  • Have politics become a hindrance to actual policy making? In Washington D.C. & Congress, this is most certainly the case. Partisan politics have made progress on meaningful legislation almost impossible. Today […]

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